What we’ve done so far.

Funny how we say we’ve “made progress” when in actuality we’ve actually demolished someone else’s vision.  A previous owner envisioned a runner on the grand staircase, then had carpet installed.  We took it off.


Our plan here is to sand that horrible paint off to reveal the cherry wood, fill in the many holes from the way they stapled the carpet to the floor and then put a new runner on, only this will be held in place with brass bars instead of compromising the integrity of the staircase.

Next we have the ceilings.  Someone had lowered them years ago and as much as we’d love to have the original ceiling height, we do have to be able to afford to heat this enormous house, so we will have lowered ceilings also – at least for now.  The old dropped ceilings were in horrible shape and starting to fall in places so we removed those and are putting new up.  When I saw the beautiful crown molding, I almost changed my mind, but it must be done.


Floors and ceilings first and then we’ll work on the walls and woodwork.  We are going to use gallons of paint stripper!  Any ideas for an eco-friendly brand that you know works would be greatly appreciated.  I have tried one kind, but I wasn’t at all impressed.


~ by Stacy on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “What we’ve done so far.”

  1. You have got to check this out! Be sure to click on Product Slideshow 3 and 5! I don’t know if you can get your hands on that stuff or if you can use it inside, but I think you should really try to find out.

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