Feeling sorry for myself.

Why is it that when you find your life in a somewhat volatile state, everything blows up, every single time.  There’s no way to keep it from happening, nothing in particular that we could have done differently.  Our only option is to sit back and watch things we’ve worked hard for fall in shambles at our feet.  Maybe I should contemplate the fact that when one tiny thing goes wrong, it can’t just go by itself, it must take larger and larger things with it, until you are standing on the street with your hands in the air, thinking “what the hell did I do wrong?”

Since it’s impossible to go back in time (without a ‘flux capaciter’, that is), and take steps to keep that teensy weensy pebble in place, we have no choice but to deal with the rockslide.  The question is, how do you keep from being burried so deep in it that you suffocate?  Oh, and why do I feel like I’m the only one trying to move the rocks from on top of us.


I’m at a complete standstill on the house.  I can’t go any further without help.  Dad won’t move the rest of his crap out, or even come and tell me what he wants me to do with it.  Finally there is a plan for a roof, possibly the most important part of the house, since it’s leaking and all.  The problem is that I need man-power, and I’m not getting any help.

We are working on the ‘pay as we go’ plan as I refuse to finance things, no matter how impatient we get.  I must say though, that it’s much easier to pay as you go if you don’t have to keep sinking money into vehicles, that seem to have new issues every day!  Within one week of putting the house on hold to get hubby into a different work vehicle, my car decided to do something stupid.  I’m thinking that a loud squeal followed by the battery light flashing is a bad thing.  I brought it home and parked it, but no one has had time to look at it just yet.  With a little luck it won’t cut into the budget enough to effect the progress on the house.


~ by Stacy on July 18, 2009.

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