Life on a Tuesday.

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Hello and welcome to my blog all about my house and it’s history!  Today we’re going to talk about my cousin’s wedding and my upcoming job interveiw!  (Didn’t see that coming, did you?)

My day started early.  I needed to get moving because I had an appointment at 3 o’clock to have my bridesmaid’s dress altered, and I didn’t have shoes yet!  I grabbed a cup of coffee at the C-store across the way and drove to the nearest shoe store, 20 miles away.  I couldn’t believe my luck, the first store, first pair I tried, perfect fit and style!  I went to the cash register and waited…and waited…and waited.  At least ten minutes passed (I hate these self serve stores, but cheap is good for shoes you’ll only wear once) before someone actually acknowledged my presence.  Then she came to the register and didn’t even say “hello” or anything.  She rang up my twenty dollar shoes and I gave her a one hundred dollar bill.  It’s what I had.  She then treated me like I was a complete moron and said, “Like I can break that!”  Wow!  I haven’t been keeping money in the bank so I had to call hubby to see if there was at least $21.39 in there so I could use my debit card.  I ended up writing a check and then going straight to the bank to deposit money.  If I didn’t hate to shop as much as I do, I’d have gone somewhere else.  Instead I just felt sorry for her because she obviously hates her job.


After that, I killed some time at my dad’s house and then headed over to have my dress altered.  Funny how you try on the size and the style you want in the store, then they order it in the right color and it cuts you in half when you get it.  There’s no way I’ve gained that much weight in this amount of time…or is there?  Betty, the lady altering my dress, told me that it’s hard telling how many times that dress in the store had been tried on, and that it was probably stretched out.  What a nice sentiment, but I’m still going to have to lose 10 pounds to make it hang properly.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I got a phone call from a number that I didn’t recognize.  It’s a good thing I answered it, because it was the owner of a restaurant that I’d applied to some time ago.  I was interested in a cooking position that they had available at that time.  I didn’t get the job, but apparently their first choice didn’t work out, so now I’m up.  Part of me wants to tell them to “stick it”, but a bigger part of me would like to have a little something to pay the bills.  I’ll go tomorrow morning at ten for an interview.

I’m actually looking forward to getting back into the scheduled workforce.  I think it will help with my writing time also.  Seems when you don’t have to punch a clock, people don’t consider your writing “work” and don’t mind interrupting.  But when you punch a clock and then try to take some time writing, they consider your feelings a little more.  Maybe it takes that “time clock job” for them to realize that you do not have all the time in the world to get things done.  I don’t know the reason, but I do know that I get more done when I am pressed for time.  Wish me luck!!


It’s Treasure Hunt Tuesday!

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In true Tuesday tradition, I’ve found my treasure!  Thanks to my dear friend over at Little Conversations, I’m now in constant search of little literary gems to share on Tuesdays!

You hold me without touch

You keep me without chains

I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Again I’ve pulled mine from the lyrics of a song.  –Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Feel free to share your gem here or at Little Conversations!

Why does moving have to be such a pain?

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I’ve known that we were going to be moving this summer since mid-May, but do you think I’ve packed yet?  Nope!  I took a few things over to the big house during that first week (pictures, dustables, books, etc.) but I probably could have packed some other things by now.  There have been a couple times that I’ve actually picked up an empty box and went into a room with good intenetions, but then I think “what if I need this before we get moved in?”  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a professional procrastinator.  I’ve been working at it my entire life and I think that I may be better at procrastinating than I am at any other single thing.  Hmmm, is there a market for that by chance?  I could be on Oprah!

“…and how did you make your first million?”

“Oh thank you Oprah.  I just put it off and put it off unitl I had a million dollars!”

I keep thinking that there isn’t anything that can be packed right now because we don’t have a definite move in date yet, but if I’m honest with myself, we haven’t used the Wii, DVDs, anything in the buffet or china cabinet, my sewing machine, or even taken a book out of the bookcase in months and months.  I probably could go ahead and pack up those things without disrupting our lives much.

Another downfall is that my husband is even more of a procrastinator than I am!  How anything ever gets done around this place is beyond me!!   Apparently I’m not the only one.  If you google “procrastinate” you’ll find 1.42 million results!  I don’t feel so bad anymore!

Lazy Sunday

•July 12, 2009 • 2 Comments

Why is it that morning smacks you in the face when you’re least expecting it?  I stayed up way too late writing and then fell asleep on the sofa watching TV Land.  Just 4 hours later my sister called to ask if I’d check on my dad.  He wasn’t answering his phone and that was very unusual.  Luckily hubby was already out and about town so I asked him to stop at dad’s in his ventures.  Thank goodness all was well, he’d just decided to sleep in this morning.

I had so many plans for things to do “tomorrow” when the sun went down last night, yet all I have done today is go to my sister’s softball game.  My list was long.  Finish clearing the junk out of the parlor and then give it a good spring cleaning, shop for paint or wallpaper for the upstairs bedrooms, get everything out of our bedroom so that we can pull the carpet up and fix the floor underneath and hopefully get a few more boxes packed and moved to the house.  The best part about living in a house that big is that you can remodel parts of it while living there, and not feel like you’re in a construction zone!

There is still time though, it’s only 3 o’clock.  I think I’ll go find something for lunch and take a nap!

Weekend Gardening

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I was planning to take a break from research and work on the house today.  My plans were foiled once again!  I started on the parlor (turned bar room) this morning but it was hot in there and even my ipod didn’t keep me company, so I found myself on the porch instead.  I really love that porch!  Soon my dad saw me outside and asked if I wanted to ride with him to the farm and see what the garden had produced since yesterday.  It is really looking good! 



We found some nice cucumbers that were ready, a few snow peas that were leftover from yesterday’s harvest and then thinned the carrots, onions and turnips.  I like to keep the baby vegetables that we get from thinning.  They are so tender and flavorful!  I grabbed a couple green tomatoes also because hubby loves them fried.  This was today’s haul.



Oh!  I forgot all about the peppers!  We have banana peppers galore!  Dad and I were trying to think of something to do with them so we sliced them up and put them in a solution of 1:1 vinegar and water and added canning salt.  After a few days in the fridge they were okay but missing something.  Dad dug through the refrigerator and came out with a jar of pickled jalapenos!  So we sliced a fresh jalapeno and added it along with the few pepper rings left in the jar and about half the remaining juice!  Here we are three days later and OH MY!!!  They are wonderful!!! 

Tonight we are having roasted baby root vegetables, fried green tomatoes, and angel hair pasta with grated parmesan cheese for dinner!  I love summertime food!

My Friday 5!

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Well, technically I missed Friday by 24 minutes, but I was on an impromptu road trip today so I couldn’t do much blogging.  Anyway, are you familiar with the Friday 5?  If not I think it’s a brilliant idea worth the couple minutes it takes to check it out!

Without further ado…My Friday 5.

1.  Where can you go for a really good bagel, and how do you like yours?

Bagels are just wonderful no matter where you get them as long as they’re fresh!  My favorite though is a Veggie bagel with plain cream cheese from The Bagel Station on State in Ft. Wayne.  Did you know that students get breakfast for half price??

2.  What is your favorite style of doughnut?

This one’s easy, I’m a regular glazed from Krispy Kreme kind of girl!

3.  What’s your favorite flavor of Lifesavers?

Creme Savers??  Are they still considered lifesavers??  If so I like the orange kind.

4.  What O-shaped breakfast cereals do you like?

I like lots of them.  Froot Loops are probably my favorite “O-shaped” followed closely by Apple Jacks.  However all of the Cheerios other than those fruit ones are pretty good too!  Frosted Cheerios rock!

5.  How do you feel about onion rings, and where can you get some good ones?

Ohhhhh….the onion ring.  All hail the onion ring.  Such a beautiful creation bestowed upon us by the gods.  Mmmmm.  These must be lightly beer battered, never breaded, and my favorite place to get them used to be a tiny little restaurant in Ossian, IN (don’t blink, you’ll miss it) called The Sawmill.  They were battered when you order and so crispy and just wonderful.  ~drooling~  Unfortunately that place closed and I have no idea what is in the building now, but I bet their onion rings aren’t nearly as good!

So that’s my five for this Friday!  Can hardly wait til next week…I’ll let you know if I find some decent onion rings this week!

What we’ve done so far.

•July 10, 2009 • 1 Comment

Funny how we say we’ve “made progress” when in actuality we’ve actually demolished someone else’s vision.  A previous owner envisioned a runner on the grand staircase, then had carpet installed.  We took it off.


Our plan here is to sand that horrible paint off to reveal the cherry wood, fill in the many holes from the way they stapled the carpet to the floor and then put a new runner on, only this will be held in place with brass bars instead of compromising the integrity of the staircase.

Next we have the ceilings.  Someone had lowered them years ago and as much as we’d love to have the original ceiling height, we do have to be able to afford to heat this enormous house, so we will have lowered ceilings also – at least for now.  The old dropped ceilings were in horrible shape and starting to fall in places so we removed those and are putting new up.  When I saw the beautiful crown molding, I almost changed my mind, but it must be done.


Floors and ceilings first and then we’ll work on the walls and woodwork.  We are going to use gallons of paint stripper!  Any ideas for an eco-friendly brand that you know works would be greatly appreciated.  I have tried one kind, but I wasn’t at all impressed.